INGESYS IC2 controller already available on the market

INGESYS IC2 controller already available on the market

The new INGESYS IC2 control system has mainly been designed to complement the INGESYS TCMS product range aimed at the railway sector, in compliance with the EN50155 standard.

It is perfectly suited to the needs of applications such as the following:
-          VCUs (Vehicle Control Unit) for tramways. 
-          Train subsystem control such as: HVAC, FDS (Fire Detection System), Toilets, etc.

INGESYS IC2 has been developed in compliance with the EN50155 railway standard, which ensures its adaptation to the demanding conditions of this sector.  

Its compact design makes it highly suitable for applications requiring minimal space, whilst still having highly-advanced features in terms of processing and communications.
Its modular, internal architecture, allows it to be fully adaptable to the requirements of each application, making it possible to offer bespoke solutions.

In terms of configurability, the user has a diverse range of programming tools (IEC61131-3, C/C++ and Matlab/Simulink) at their disposal, allowing them to use the ones that best fit each user profile and application.
As regards communications, it also offers a wide range of standard-compliant communication interfaces (RS232, RS-485, CAN, Ethernet, MVB, WTB, TRDP, etc.). This enables its integration into the most common communication networks in the sector.  

In order to facilitate system configuration and diagnostics tasks, INGESYS IC2 has an internal web server which permits remote user access providing them with a powerful, useful tool applicable at all levels.  

INGESYS IC 2 flyer

Leire de Olabarria | AS Sales Engineer