Indar UGP pumps consist of submersible pumps and motors designed for pumping clean water, or water with low solids content, in a wide range of applications and sectors. It is a safe, robust and flexible solution, with a modular design that allows it to cover a wide range of flow rates and heads.


UGP pumps consist of vertical and submersible multistage centrifugal pumps with semi-axial impeller, whose Indar ML electric motor is directly coupled to the pump part and is also submersible. The sets are specially designed not only for pumping water in deep wells with small borehole diameter but also for multiple applications where water pumping is necessary.


The different construction possibilities that Ingeteam offers, together with the range of materials available, make the UGP pump a very versatile product that provides optimal solutions to an infinite number of needs. Both the pump and the motor are designed and manufactured entirely by Ingeteam.


In those situations where the dynamic water level is so low that the water does not reach the suction body of the standard group, Ingeteam offers the Indar UGP-M pumps: submersible motor-pump groups in which, besides sharing most of the characteristics and range of the UGP, the relative position of the pump and the motor is inverted, offering greater availability in the submergence of the equipment avoiding cavitations and taking advantage of a larger body of water.

SP UGP Series

Indar UGP - Product Datasheet

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