• Experience Based Innovative Solutions

    Experience Based Innovative Solutions


The knowledge acquired in more than 80 years is made available to our clients for the maximum optimization of their installations. INGETEAM provides solutions that are specifically studied for each particular case and it offers maximum flexibility so that the best solution may meet the client’s requirements.

The provision of top level technology, together with effective project management, ensures a high degree of satisfaction for all our clients whose downtimes are minimized by our excellent execution periods.

The company not only offers products that meet the requirements perfectly, but also provides a comprehensive service to its customers. The INDAR Hydro Service department carries out rehabilitations up to 200 MVA, and it offers direct technical support, maintenance, training and also technical advice.

INGETEAM guarantees on-site assistance in any part of the world. 

Parts or components to be rehabilitated

    • Stator winding
    • New entire stator (stator core + windings)
    • Rewinding of the rotor poles
    • New entire rotor
    • New entire poles (pole cores + windings)
    • Rewedging the stator
    • Restoration of generator bearings
    • The entire machine



This service carries improvement in operating reliability, it increases in the estimated useful life of the generator, it reduces investment and it minimises losses and production costs.

All this makes INGETEAM the best choice in the market. 

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