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Ingeteam leads the wind power sector with its technologies

Ingeteam leads the wind power sector with its technologies

  • Ingeteam has a total of 52 GW of wind converter capacity worldwide and maintains more than 17 GW.
  • Indar, Ingeteam Group has manufactured more than 1300 wind generators so far this year.
  • In 2020, various equipment for energy storage in wind power plants have been provided

The equipment provided by the Ingeteam Group in the wind energy sector enables it to supply the equivalent of the consumption of more than 11 million homes, a new record achieved thanks to its leading role in the supply of wind energy converters and generators, as well as the operation and maintenance work it carries out around the world.

The company is the world's leading independent supplier of wind energy converters, with a delivered power of 52 GW. Indar's wind power business unit (Ingeteam Group), a leader in its segment, has supplied around 23,000 wind generators, equivalent to 42 GW of power.

Ingeteam is a world leader in the provision of operations and maintenance services for renewable energy plants, with more than 17 GW maintained worldwide, of which 9.2 GW is wind energy.

Furthermore, Ingeteam's protection and control systems are key when it comes to integrating this energy into the grid and guaranteeing supply to the different users. Currently, more than 17 GW of energy generated in more than 400 wind farms is evacuated through substations controlled with Ingeteam technology.

In addition, the company is positioning itself as an important supplier of equipment for the storage of electrical energy in renewable energy plants.

Ingeteam entered the wind energy sector in 1995, working on the development of variable speed machines. It was the first manufacturer to launch DFIG converters on the market. 25 years later, this technology is still the industry standard. Recently, Ingeteam launched a new generation of wind energy converters developed for high power DFIG applications in the 6 to 8 MW range, adapted to the needs of the strictest grid codes. The converters include a firmware development methodology that has proven to significantly reduce the critical on-site validation and certification phase due to its robust qualification process. The supply of converters is based on its agile and localised manufacturing strategy, which allows flexible delivery from state-of-the-art production facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, constantly meeting the highest quality standards of the sector.

On the other hand, thanks to the experience acquired since 1940, Indar offers a wide range of wind generators developed from its own technology. The work carried out during this period has placed it in a leading position both in the Spanish and international markets. The presence of Indar generators stands out in the American market, as it is the only independent manufacturer with local production in the United States. To date, 3,500 generators have been supplied in the US, equivalent to more than 9 GW, and new platforms have been confirmed for the next few years. In addition, as part of the company's strategy, solutions are being developed to meet the demands of the Asian market.

In the last year alone, Ingeteam's portfolio included the award and/or renewal of +4 GW in operation and maintenance contracts, with special mention of its growth in the United Kingdom, where the company has positioned itself as the leading independent service provider in the British market with almost 700 MW of renewable power maintained.