Three-phase bidirectional Power Conversion System (PCS)
The INGECON® SUN STORAGE 350TL is a three-phase bidirectional converter for 
energy storage systems. Maximum DC voltage (1,500 V) and wide voltage range. 
Awesome power density, with up to 350 kW. It features an innovative control unit 
that performs a more efficient and sophisticated inverter control.

Highest flexibility and scalability for any battery configuration
The INGECON® SUN STORAGE 350TL can be parallelized in order to adjust the PCS power to different battery configurations. This way, it facilitates the design of a wide diversity energy storage systems. Furthermore, it allows augmentation so old and new batteries can be mixed without accelerating the aging of the new ones. The string inverter philosophy permits an easy and immediate replace-ment that does not require qualified technicians.

SPE (Single Pair Ethernet)
The inverter features SPE communication as standard. The SPE offers high-speed IP communication without the 100 meter distance limitation of standard Ethernet. Using SPE, the communication with the inverters can be established up to 1,000 meters.


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