Mining & material Handling

Ingeteam is perfectly positioned in the Mining and Material Handling sector, providing solutions for turnkey projects, system upgrades and energy optimization of the infrastructure. Our scope of work includes the world of drives (in large powers and voltages), process control, production management and operational planning.

Our automation solutions and drive systems add value from the extraction site itself, at the foot of the mine, through intermediate processing plants and directly to dispatch at the corresponding railway or port facilities.

Our solutions comply with the latest trends in Industry 4.0, favouring a more efficient production through smart analysis of data extracted from production environments. Our automation systems include the acquisition of data from sensors, processing in PLC, visualization of the system through HMI in multiple devices, storage of data in industrial cloud and control of the process with actuators and drives. We use both high-power Ingeteam platforms and third-party, providing the best technical solution to the mine operator.

Our project department in the Industrial Systems division has a long experience in drive and automation solutions in mining environments, both in the process and in the handling of materials. Our team is able to carry out the virtual start-up of all the installation components, which enables exhaustive off-site tests to be carried out, preventing failures and shortening start-up times at the customer's facilities.

Mining and Material handling


Coke Handling Takrir Egypt

Coke Handling Antipinsky Russia

Shiploader Kuwait

Circular Stores (Kuwait)

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