From the Original Equipment Manufacturer

Full Life Cycle Generator Services

We are a world-leading independent solution provider for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), utilities and asset owners in the wind energy sector.

After completing the sale of our O&M services division, Ingeteam is committed to remaining the partner for servicing wind energy converters, control cabinets, generators and SCADA systems.

We support our customers through the life of these products in all ways possible, such as supplying spare parts, and repairs of equipment manufactured both with our own technology and from third parties (multibrand), providing technical assistance (both remote and in the field), and supporting during commissioning and training customer field technicians. The company intends to continue doing this, but even closer and more intensively than we have done so far.

With raised levels of cost awareness, it is even more important to look to original equipment manufacturers, such as Ingeteam, for servicing and technical support requirements. Servicing by the original equipment manufacturer saves money and secures asset value!

Ingeteam is an original equipment designer and manufacturer of power conversion technology and, with nearly 30 years of experience and an installed fleet of over 80 GW globally, we will continue to care for our customers and the products we deliver to them, through the equipment's lifecycle.

We know our equipment better than anybody else. We can more easily assess and determine its condition, and develop tailored, cost-effective plans. Ingeteam will continue standing by its customers, focusing on the portfolio of products we are experts in, both produced with our own technology or third-party technology products.

Effective, expert servicing as part of a service commitment between the original manufacturer and customer, ensures optimum reliability, on-time responses, cost savings and effective risk management. Leveraging our technological expertise and global footprint, we can meet your needs when and where you need it.

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Ingeteam DFIG High Power

Spare Parts

  • Original manufacturer
  • Obsolescence management
  • Supply ensurance
  • Specific high-value programs


Ingeteam DFIG High Power


  • Original manufacturer warranty
  • State-of-the-art repair
  • Multibrand repair


Ingeteam DFIG High Power


  • Specific courses for each product
  • Troubleshooting activities
  • High satisfaction


Ingeteam DFIG High Power

Technical Support

  • High-qualified experts
  • Remote and onsite support available
  • Worldwide service


Ingeteam DFIG High Power

Fleet Supervision

  • Customised site audits
  • On & Off-Site solutions
  • Business Case for implementation


Ingeteam DFIG High Power

Life Extension

  • Ensure continuity of spare parts supply beyond asset lifetime
  • Product upgrades according to specific fleet status
  • Analysis of possibilities for performance increase