INDARCOM™, the grid reinforcer

Synchronous condenser solution

Synchronous Condenser

Improve and strengthen grid stability

In the actual world juncture of energy transition and decarbonation, that seeks the reduction of the CO2 emissions, many countries are changing their mix of electric generation, boosting the renewable energies against the traditional generation sources based on fossil fuels.

This whole process has a major impact on the management of the electricity grid and involves major challenges, especially related to the stability, maintenance and security of the grid, as renewables are an asynchronous type of generation and a major cause of instability.

INDARCOM™ is able to provide solutions to support grid challenges providing: short-circuit power, inertia and reactive power.

Tailored design

Tailored design

Scope and design are tailored to each client’s needs and will be adapted to the available space, minimising construction work and lead time.

Short Circuit Power

Short-circuit power

Associated with faults levels and short circuit ratios, ensures safe protection systems required for fault ride through and recovery from faults


Supports the rapid rate of change of system frequency

Inertia that supports the frequency changes (RoCoF)
Reactive power for voltage control (capacitive and inductive adjustment)

Reactive power

Stable operation during normal conditions through reactive power adjustment
(Capacitive and inductive adjustment)

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