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To this day, DFIG converters remain the most proven, efficient and cost competitive drive train topology for onshore applications.

Ingeteam's DFIG converter series offer cost-optimized products for each market and application. Our wind converters are extremely grid-friendly, and include FRT, SCR and SSR features, enabling them to be deployed anywhere in the world. In particular, they are very well suited to emerging markets such as India or Brazil.

Our DFIG converters can be modulated to bring customized solutions that will effectively minimize wind turbine LCoE. Ingeteam’s vast knowledge and experience have been mobilized to generate design processes that combine development and validation, to ensure the supply of optimized DFIG Power Converters in the wind market for high power applications in the range of 6 to 8 MW.

Ingeteam’ New-Generation Power Converters developed for High Power DFIG Application

Due to the market pressure to reduce costs, the power rating of onshore wind turbines has rapidly increased to 5-6 MW to bring down the LCoE.

Because of the application’s particularities, the grid integration of the system is one of the most sensitive elements to keep the technology competitive and reliable while increasing the turbines’ rated power. DFIG generators and the core components of the converter are the key factors that ensure a robust and reliable solution regarding the various grid events that could occur, such as harmonic fulfilment, FRT, weak grids or SSR. The capability of managing these events in virtually all locations is a key added-value that Ingeteam has successfully achieved, with a high-quality model correlation that allows analyzing any event or location that could arise in the future.

Ingeteam DFIG High Power


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New Generation of Power Electronic Modules

  • 5th IGBTs Generation.
  • High quality Performance (Reliability and Maintainability).
  • High bus voltage capability during overload.
  • High current capability during FRT transients.
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New Firmware Methodology

  • SIL model including real code (DSP, PLC & FPGA).
  • HIL platform validation used for evaluate FRT behavior.
  • Firmware validated in Network model developed with the Ingeteam worldwide experience (Weak grid, SSR,...).
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Fully Certified Generation

  • Ingeteam is very committed with Quality and certification.
  • Ingeteam converters are certified by “world-class” laboratories using the most demanding procedures.
  • Certification process covers both safety and functionality.

New Generation of Power Electronic Modules

Ingeteam has designed a new generation of power electronic modules that comply with the requirements of high power DFIG applications ranging from 6 to 8 MW. The overall design ensures high-quality performance with regards to reliability, availability and maintainability.

This new power electronic module generation has been optimized to fulfil the most severe requirements of High Power DFIG applications. They are based on the latest generation of semiconductor modules, which offer key advantages such as high power density and enhanced reliability. Our power modules can be used in challenging situations, and capable of working at high DC link voltages during overloads and full current rating during FRT events. Extensive calculations have been performed in order to guarantee the lifetime of key components, and special care has been taken to improve their maintainability. 

New Firmware Methodology

Whether they operate in a strong or weak grid environment, power converters must be reliable at all times. That is why our highly versatile converter’s controllers are designed to interact with a wide range of grid connection situations, regardless of the particular local grid codes and conditions.

To uphold the highest standards of product quality and development timeframes, Ingeteam developed its firmware under a stringent procedure with multiple validation steps, and made use of cutting-edge testing technologies to validate the controller’s response in a wide range of grid situations

For controller development and complex grid integration studies, the real control source code, including the code for DSP, PLC and FPGA elements, is tested with a SiL (Software-In-the-Loop) model, allowing the verification of the firmware’s code in diverse grid conditions. These include low SCR ratios on complex grids, power quality studies, SSR damping strategies, reactive compensation studies or wind-farm level studies with the interaction of several converters.

For a full real-time check of the converter’s controller performance, a HiL (Hardware-In-the-Loop) approach is used. Under this system, the actual converter’s controller is run against a real-time model for the evaluation of both stationary (operating points, fail-tests, communications and more) and dynamic performance of the system, including Fault Ride Through testing.

Fully Certified Generation

Ingeteam is committed to product quality, and pays extra attention to the certification process for any new project. A wide battery of tests is in place: The full certification of any new product design is a “must” for our company. In particular, Ingeteam’s Verification, Validation and Certification (VVC) procedure guarantees that our converters can obtain the most demanding certification standards.

Our certification process encompasses both safety and functional tests. Regarding safety, tests like short circuit and arc flash are carried out at world-class laboratories, replicating the worst operation conditions and using the strictest procedures. For functional tests, both mechanical and electrical designs are certified.

Concerning the mechanical design, the enclosure is certified under IP and IK degrees; and the whole converter is subjected to Fc fatigue Vibration and shock tests that confirm and correlate the expected results obtained by means of detailed FEM simulations carried out during the design process. Regarding electrical functionalities, Ingeteam also carries out EMC (immunity and emission) tests on both internally designed boards and the whole power converter. These tests are carried out by EMC expert laboratories.

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Ingeteam’s Global Footprint

To maintain its competitiveness in the growing wind energy sector, Ingeteam continuously optimizes its global footprint to meet market demand across all regions.

We currently have manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and sales and service centers strategically located all over the world to deliver the most efficient and specialized support and service to you.

All our facilities are highly efficient as well as cost-effective. They are based on a modular design, and offer extremely agile production lines and flexible floor space.

Ingeteam Wind Global Footprint

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Ingeteam’s Quality and Standards

Ingeteam works hard to set the industry standard for excellence among electrical component suppliers. The company is proactive in leading industry practices and certifications.

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Ingeteam is a complete solution provider. We design, develop, manufacture and provide electrical equipment for wind turbines, offering a tailored solution to meet the client’s highest standards and every project’s requirements.

Ingeteam provides ongoing support throughout the entire product life cycle, from research and design to production and testing, commissioning and after-sales services, technical training and support.

We are flexible. We can meet your project needs through flexibility in designs and R&D solutions, always with the objective of minimizing the LCoE and optimizing the reliability of the equipment.

We can supply equipment from any of our production facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, applying the same standards and know-how. We can also deliver the most efficient and specialized support and service to you from our sales and service centers strategically located all over the world.

We follow a Policy of Continuous Improvement for ongoing review and evaluation of our processes and procedures.

Thanks to our extensive product range and experience acquired through multiple business sectors, Ingeteam is a global market leader in wind turbine electrical conversion equipment.