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We are a world-leading independent solution provider for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), utilities and asset owners in the wind energy sector.

We actively listen to you to deeply understand your needs and deliver the unique solutions that ensure their success.

We are flexible in designs and R&D solutions, operations, different business models or additional value-added services. We also acknowledge responsibility for our actions and decisions made and take accountability for them.

We pride ourselves on being a complete solutions provider, adding value to you at every stage. From design to reality, we are able to provide global solutions, scale, efficiency, and value-added expertise.

We are also committed to minimising any negative impact that our operations could cause on the environment because ensuring sustainability is at the core of our DNA. Our contribution to the decarbonisation of society and energy transformation towards an increasingly electrified society is the basis of our company.

As markets continue to evolve, the need for global services and aftermarket solutions is more important than ever. We partner with customers to create a competitive and sustainable advantage by optimising the product value chain and lifecycle.

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