Akuo Energy's Bardzour project is one of the selected entries in Nicolas Hulot's "My Positive Impact" competition.

Akuo Energy's Bardzour project is one of the selected entries in Nicolas Hulot's "My Positive Impact" competition.

Akuo Energy's Bardzour project is one of the selected entries in Nicolas Hulot's (well-known French environmental campaigner) "My Positive Impact" competition.

Vote for change. The aim of "My Positive Impact" is to encourage all citizens to get behind climate solutions.

The principle: Internet users can vote for a range of innovative projects, and the winners will be promoted through a large-scale media campaign led by the Foundation Nicolas Hulot.

How? Every day, people can vote five times for their favourite project.

A few months ahead of COP 21 in Paris – an environmental conference that will be decisive for the future of our planet – we all need to send the message that there are solutions within our grasp that enable us to commit fully to energy transition.

Ingeteam is proud to be a partner of the Bardzour project with our Ingegrid and Ingecon Sun Power Conversion Systems and Ingesys Automation Systems

The Bardzour project is taking place at the Prison du Port in La Réunion, and is a perfect illustration of what the campaign is trying to achieve. It is a world first: a 9MWp-9MWh solar-plus-storage facility that also includes a customised programme for the social reintegration of prisoners and environmental protection, particularly through the innovative Agrinergie® system of growing crops in greenhouses with semi-photovoltaic roofs.

This video gives more details about the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqLFHovsb9Y

Bardzour demonstrates the potential of renewable energies, particularly solar energy, as a way of boosting sustainable development in communities. Through the use of storage technology, the project illustrates how "intermittent" renewable energies can be integrated into our power grids on a large scale. Its social and environmental aspect also proves that these technologies can create jobs, reduce social inequality and safeguard biodiversity.

So please vote for the Bardzour project! You can vote for the project every day here: http://www.mypositiveimpact.org/projets/solution/item/bardzour_-66

How to vote

1.      Go to http://www.mypositiveimpact.org/

2.      Click on "Je me connecte" in the top-right corner

3.      Under the "Devenez citoyen du climat" section on the left, click on "Je m’inscris"

4.      Sign up through the platform of your choice: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or by email (N.B. if you sign up by email, you will be sent a confirmation email that may take a few minutes to arrive and could mistakenly be placed in your spam folder)

5.      Once you have signed up, you can vote five times every day.

Most importantly, please encourage other people to vote so that we get as many people as possible supporting tomorrow's innovations. Thank you!