Ingeteam is set to exhibit at Intersolar Europe

Ingeteam is set to exhibit at Intersolar Europe

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Once again, Ingeteam is to be present at the Intersolar Europe fair to be held this year from the 4th to 6th June at the Messe München International exhibition centre in Munich.

As in previous years, Ingeteam is to showcase its latest products to the international market, encompassing solar inverters, energy management solutions, micro-wind converters, battery inverters, inverters for stand-alone grids and micro-grids, and electric vehicle charging stations.

In the area of solar inverters, Ingeteam is to showcase in Munich its new range of small single phase and three phase units, directed at domestic systems (2.5 to 6 kW) and commercial systems (10 to 20 kW) alike. These inverters, marketed under the INGECON SUN 1Play and 3Play brands respectively, feature an innovative design and improved performance, and are set to play a leading role in their respective market segments, thanks to their reliability and attractive quality - price ratio.

On the other hand, visitors to the fair will also have the opportunity to discover the many different models forming part of the Ingeteam single phase inverter range: the 2.4 to 6 kW INGECON HYBRID AC-Link for stand-alone and micro grids, the 2.4 to 6 kW INGECON EMS Home battery inverter, and the 2.5 to 6 kW INGECON uWIND converter for micro wind power systems.

Finally, Ingeteam is to showcase its latest electric vehicle charging station. The 3.7 to 22 kW INGEREV GARAGE Basic offers a more user-friendly operation, in addition to immediate access to the protective device box in the event of a breakdown. Furthermore, this model is supplied with the power cord.