The "My Smart City" project has successfully completed its tour

The "My Smart City" project has successfully completed its tour

30 days to study the 30 cities forming part of the Spanish Smart City Network. The "My Smart City" project conducted by two geographers from Valladolid was directed at studying and disseminating the idea of Smart Cities in Spain. Sponsored by Ingeteam and Renault ZE, the two partners of GEOCyL, Pablo Rodríguez and Eduardo Bustillo, aim to spread the Smart City concept by going around the Spanish smart cities with a Renault Twizy electric vehicle.
Although Pablo and Eduardo's journey ended after completing the tour of the 30 cities en route, in another sense their journey has only just begun. As they themselves acknowledge, "most citizens still have little idea of the Smart City concept". For this reason, they are now preparing a documentary of their recent eight-week experience on tour and which is to be used to continue disseminating the need for ongoing progress with regard to sustainable mobility, energy and environmental efficiency, urban liveability and governance. In their own words "informed citizens will be sensitive and feel part of Smart City activities".

Ingeteam charging point
The INGEREV® CITY made by Ingeteam was used to recharge the electric vehicle battery. This is a charging point for city use. This charger, which is available in a single and three phase version, has a maximum charging current of 32 A per phase and a maximum power output of 22 kW. Thanks to its vandal-proof system and its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, the INGEREV® CITY charging station is the best option for installation in public places, either indoor or outdoor. Furthermore, charging is possible in modes 1, 2 and 3, and the charging station is compliant with all international regulations, thereby guaranteeing safety during the charging process.