Ingeteam signs with Grupo Cobra its largest supply of inverters made to date in Brazil

Ingeteam signs with Grupo Cobra its largest supply of inverters made to date in Brazil

  • This is the company's largest supply in Brazil for a single photovoltaic solar project, whose nominal installed power is 455 MW.
  • The new solar complex consists of two plants of 155 and 300 nominal MW, located in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco.
  • The two photovoltaic plants will have the capacity to generate electricity for more than half a million homes in Pernambuco.

Ingeteam has signed a supply contract with Grupo Cobra, a subsidiary of COBRA IS, to equip the Belmonte photovoltaic project with a total nominal power of 455 MW. This will be the company's largest inverter supply to date in Brazil.

Grupo Cobra, a world leader in all fields related to engineering, installation and industrial maintenance of infrastructures, has awarded this equipment supply contract to Ingeteam Brazil, for being the main national manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters.

The new solar complex will be divided into two plants, Belmonte I and Belmonte II, of 155 and 300 MW respectively, located in the municipality of São José do Belmonte, Unidade Federativa de Pernambuco, Brazil. In the words of the director of the photovoltaic unit of Ingeteam Brazil, José Nardi, "this supply consolidates Ingeteam's position as one of the main players in the Brazilian market in the supply of centralized PV plants".

Ingeteam currently has 1.9 GW of installed solar base in Brazil, the majority of which have been manufactured at the Ingeteam factory in Campinas, Brazil. Thanks to the Belmonte project, Ingeteam will far exceed the 2 GW photovoltaic barrier supplied in the country.

Ingeteam Brazil, in collaboration with the factory in Spain, will supply its new liquid-cooled central inverters, INGECON® SUN 3Power C Series, as well as the medium voltage transformer stations.

It is expected that this project will have the capacity to generate energy for half a million Brazilian homes per year.