Ingeteam presents its PV inverters for India

As a proof of interest and commitment towards India, Ingeteam is to present its new INGECON SUN inverters in Delhi, at Renewable Energy India 2012 Expo. As a main feature, Ingeteam is going to showcase its technological solutions for central inverters, single and three phase inverters, off-grid and micro-grids inverters, battery inverters, communications and monitoring software.

Central inverters
The INGECON SUN PowerMaxter inverter family, ranging from 250 to 917 kW, with its new AC/DC integrated cabinet, enables to maximize efficiency in low irradiance conditions. This inverter family is characterised by its reliability and its optimum cost/power ratio, with particular mention of the INGECON SUN 600 X345, offering a peak efficiency of 98.8%, one of the highest on today's global market. This equipment will be exhibited at the show in Delhi.

Ingeteam is also presenting the new INGECON EMS Plants (500 – 1,000 kW), the energy management solution for large PV plants. Featuring a battery bank management system, this brand new development enables to stabilize the grid by charging or discharging the storage equipment associated to the PV installation.

Single and three phase inverters
With regard to its single phase inverter line, Ingeteam is to present in Delhi its INGECON SUN 1Play inverter family, with or without transformer, ranging from 2.5 to 6 kW. Suitable for outdoor installation, these inverters are able to withstand high temperatures, offering renewed features and higher efficiency levels than ever. Also, visitors will be able to see the new INGECON SUN 3Play inverter, a three-phase inverter family with an output power ranging from 10 to 40 kW and an excellent performance for indoor rather than outdoor installations.

Off-grid and micro-grid inverters
One of Ingeteam’s greatest developments is the INGECON HYBRID inverter line. These equipments have been designed for stand-alone systems and they have the possibility of creating and managing micro-grids that can be eventually connected and disconnected from the main public grid.

Electric vehicle charging stations
Another key Ingeteam’s development is theIngeREV charging stations for electric vehicles. Visitors at Delhi will have the great opportunity of watching the electric charger that is already installed in many European countries, such as France or Spain.


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