Ingeteam opens new subsidiaries in Poland and Chile

Ingeteam opens new subsidiaries in Poland and Chile

Within the framework of its internationalisation strategy, Ingeteam has opened two new subsidiaries, one in Poland and the other in Chile. In Poland, the company is to be focussed on the wind power and rail traction sectors and has been working on the maintenance of wind parks since the end of 2011. Whilst, in Chile, Ingeteam has just been awarded its first wind park maintenance contract and PV inverters have also already been supplied.

Poland offers exceptional development prospects in the wind power sector, being one of the countries with the greatest potential in Europe and it is also the leader in renewables amongst the central and eastern European countries. Poland currently has an installed capacity of 1,181 MW, a figure that has experienced an annual growth of 78% since the year 2000.

Ingeteam started to supply electric traction equipment to the rail sector in Poland in 1996. Since then, Ingeteam has gone on to deliver traction systems for electric traction vehicles in a number of projects and the company also counts on a group of technicians established permanently in Poland to service equipment under warranty and perform maintenance. Ingeteam is committed to making ongoing investments in this market sector due to the strong growth potential offered by the rail markets in Poland and surrounding countries.

On the other hand, Ingeteam has been working in the wind power market since it was awarded its first contract in 2011. The company currently provides maintenance services to four wind parks, a figure that is set to rise over the course of 2012, as the wind parks, now under construction, gradually come into operation. As a result, the company has decided to open a new subsidiary and plans to incorporate 20 people in 2012.

Likewise, in Chile, the new subsidiary is to be located in the capital city of Santiago and is to employ 7 people. With regard to installed power in the wind sector, Chile ranks in third place amongst Latin American countries. Here Ingeteam has recently been awarded its first contract for the maintenance of a wind parklocated 300 km to the north of Santiago. Chile currently has an installed wind power capacity of more than 200 MW, whilst a further 220 MW is under construction, and there are more than 2,700 MW applied for and pending approval. Ingeteam has also supplied PV inverters to Chile for the recently-inaugurated solar laboratory at the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Santiago. In the PV sector, Chile holds great prospects, given the fact that it has projects for more than 2 GW, pending execution.

These two new subsidiaries are part of the Ingeteam internationalisation strategy, adding to its subsidiaries already established in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Italy, France and the United States.