Ingeteam is focusing on the international market for its EV chargers

Ingeteam is focusing on the international market for its EV chargers

Ingeteam is one of Spain's leading manufacturers of EV chargers.

To date, the company's charging systems have been installed in over 20 countries, with exports to international markets expected to reach 80% of sector sales in the next few years.


A decade ago, Ingeteam started to produce chargers for electric vehicles and, at present, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers in Spain. The company's next challenge is to complete the launch of its products on the international market where it already has important references in Europe and South America.

A contribution to decarbonization and the energy transition to an increasingly more electrified society, underpin the activities of the Ingeteam Group. In order to achieve these objectives, the promotion of sustainable mobility in the company is a priority. Mikel Borrega, the Head of the Ingeteam EV charger business unit, reveals that "if the EV market continues with its present growth, we expect to have a 35% year-on-year increase in sales over the next three years". This, in turn, would result in a further increase in the already heavy investment made over the last four years, during which the number of employees in this business unit has grown threefold.

Mikel added that "over the next three years, we would like to expand exports to 80% of our sales". Ingeteam's EV charging systems can currently be found in more than 20 countries. The latest countries to be added to the list are Portugal, Greece and the Ukraine, all from the European continent, a market targeted by Ingeteam over the last few years. Now Ingeteam is broadening its horizon to include the American continent, starting with the Latin American countries in which Ingeteam already has either branch offices or factories, such as Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Ultra-rapid charging

Ingeteam is noted as a manufacturer of EV chargers for installation in public places, particularly the DC models, with the potential to deliver up to 400 kW. The most powerful charging station in Europe is equipped with four terminals manufactured by Ingeteam and is able to make an ultra-rapid charge of 400 kW. This makes it possible to charge a vehicle battery in five to ten minutes, similar to the normal time taken to refuel a vehicle.

This ultra-rapid charger model is a real revolution in the large-scale charging installations sector, given that it offers the possibility to create large-scale charging installations (up to 1 MW), minimizing civil works and simplifying the installation and commissioning work. Furthermore, the integration of storage systems into the system and the provision of renewable energies is simple and easily manageable thanks to Ingeteam's experience in large-scale installations.

As far as technology is concerned, Ingeteam has developed some extremely compact power electronics, making it possible to distribute the electronics in the energy dispensers. This brings a number of advantages such as a more compact, flexible system that is able to simplify future upgrades in order to increase the power or the number of dispensers.

To date, Ingeteam has supplied more than 4,500 EV charging points, in both AC and DC, installed in countries such as Spain, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, United Kingdom and Australia.