INGESYS IC2: New module for DC Drive Control

INGESYS IC2: New module for DC Drive Control

A new module has been incorporated into the INGESYS IC2 controller to drive DC motors.  
This new modules provide up to a nominal 12A of output current.

The most noteworthy functional features of this new module are:

  • PWM-controlled H-bridge with a maximum instantaneous output current of 12A and a rate voltage of 24V
  • Protection devices included for:
    • Current limiting (linear)
    • Thermal cutoff
    • High or low voltage cutoff
  • 24V input voltage monitoring. If it is incorrect, the outputs are disabled to ensure the PWM signal remains inactive
  • 4 conventional 24Vdc general-purpose digital inputs with electrically isolated signals
  • 1 input for 24Vdc incremental encoder with two 90º lagged signals that are electrically isolated, with a 24-bit meter
  • Current output for DC motor drive
  • All inputs and outputs are electrically isolated and are isolated from the internal systems bus.
  • The module has 16 LEDs to indicate its operating status
    • LEDs 0:7: General-purpose LEDs that can be handled from the PLC user application
    • LEDs 8-LED 11: DI0..DI3 digital input status 
    • LED 12, 13: A, B encoder input status
    • LED 14, 15: ↑, ↓ indicate ascending and descending accounts

Ricardo Galdiz Valdovinos | Automation Devices Director