Ingeteam to introduce its new Milwaukee plant at WINDPOWER Anaheim

Ingeteam to introduce its new Milwaukee plant at WINDPOWER Anaheim

Ingeteam's new factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) is soon to be opened, so Ingeteam's wind power sales team will introduce it at the WINDPOWER 2011, trade show to be held from May 22 to 25 at the Convention Center, Anaheim (California).

The presentation will take place during the show, on Tuesday, May 24th, at the Ingeteam booth, number 4031, in Hall A. It will start at 5 p.m. with a corporate video and will involve the participation of Aitor Sotes, Ingeteam Inc.'s CEO, as well as Adolfo Rebollo, Vice-President for Generators, and Javier Perez, Vice-President for Converters. After the presentation, visitors will enjoy some hors d’oeuvres.
Ingeteam will also announce the wind power products (converter-generator series covering power ranges from 1.5 to 5 MW) that will be in this new production center at the Windpower  Show in  Anaheim, organized by the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association). Two actual examples will be shown at the booth: a double-fed Generator and a 2 MW Converter.
Ingeteam will also provide information on its activities as a supplier of control electronics, pitch control systems and wind farm maintenance services during the show.
New production center in Milwaukee
This new plant will start its activity in the energy sector in the next months with the manufacture of wind generators and converters, as well as photovoltaic inverters, to cover the needs of the North American market. Ingeteam has a sales office in Santa Clara (California) already for the sale of solar photovoltaic inverters. Another of the new subsidiary's objectives is the manufacture of motors, generators and converters for the other markets in which Ingeteam carries out its activities: drives, rail, marine, co-generation and the iron and steel industry.
The facilities are built on 8.2 acre lot, and 120,000 sq.ft.  will be used for the production plants and offices. The new facility involved an investment of 12 million euros.
With this new factory, Ingeteam is expanding its international production capacity, in addition to the recent openings in Brazil and China. As such, in addition to Spain, Ingeteam already has manufacturing and sales locations in the USA, China, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Mexico.
About Wind Energy Ingeteam
Ingeteam Energy's wind power division focuses its activities on the design, development and manufacture of electrical and electronic systems to equip wind turbines, meeting the most stringent regulations for connection to the grid. It provides customized solutions fully adapted to each client's needs.
Ingeteam is an independent supplier offering power converters, electrical generators, control electronics, pitch control systems, integral management systems for wind farms and a wide range of services.
It manufactures Power Converters and Generators using all types of technologies: double-fed, full converter, XDFM; water- or air-cooled, with power ranges from 70 kW to 12 MW. It also has the capability to work with voltages from 400 V to 4.2 kV for converters and 15 kV for generators, with medium and high speed direct-drive applications.
Ingeteam has equipped around 14% of the wind power facilities installed worldwide since 1995, representing total power of over 18 GW.
Ingeteam is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of more than 2,200 wind turbines, distributed in 64 wind farms with a total capacity of over 2.2 GW and a total of 11 different wind technologies.