Automation of technological processes and machines is one of the key activities of the company. We have a strong and experienced team of engineers with knowledge in managing large technological units as well as individual devices. We have successfully implemented dozens of projects with a large base of installed automation tools (several PLC systems with thousands of signals) and hundreds of smaller scale projects.

We currently have over 4000 realized projects around the world!

Why us?

A key parameter of our solutions is the quality of the implemented automation software (extensive diagnostics, safe operations, intuitiveness and high reliability).

  • We use state-of-the-art industrial control systems based on PLC brands:
    • Siemens
    • ABB
    • Rockwell Automation
    • Schneider
    • B&R
    • Beckhoff
  • The related HMI visualization systems:
    • Siemens – WinCC, WinCC Flexible
    • Wonderware – Automation Platform; Intouch
    • ABB – 800xA
    • Rockwell Automation- RS View
    • Schneider
    • B&R – Aprol a Automation Studio
  • The possibility to implement higher levels of control for data processing and archiving, providing:
    • Extensive control and production supervision
    • Optimization of technological processes
    • Definition of advanced mathematical models
  • Significant reduction of device downtime thanks to:
    • A single programming standard developed by Ingeteam
    • Test each application with control process simulation before deploying it
    • Knowledge of the technological process and its specifics
  • What are we able to offer?
    • Design of system architecture and networks
    • Design and development of control applications for industrial PLC and PC controllers
    • Design and development of the system visualization and process data acquisition system (HMI Systems, DCS Systems)
    • HW and SW solutions of the PLC security system
    • Simulation of technological processes and SW tests
    • Special rapid control systems - High performance industrial machines

We are ready to support you with the design and automation solution for your equipment in all stages of the project - from the design phase to the production!

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