• Cumulative power 191 MW

    Cumulative power 191 MW

With an active presence on the five continents, Ingeteam is a leading company in the Renewable Energy sector, offering robust, high reliability solutions for the automation and control of biomass plants.


The Distributed Control System (DCS) developed by Ingeteam for biomass plants is based on redundant processors and decentralized I/O modules architecture.


The control system executes the appropriate process control actions based on the signals received from the field peripherals and system peripherals.


Steam boiler.
Biomass fuel supply.
Turbine auxiliary systems.
Water treatment plant
Refrigeration system
Dust filter system
Other stand-alone systems.

The system monitoring enables the real time operation and supervision of the power plant and is an essential tool for guaranteeing correct plant operation.


Process control
Data logging.
Alarms and events with millisecond dating.
Reports, etc.

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