The most advanced battery management

The INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play battery inverter generates an AC network and manages the power achieving an optimum balance between production, storage and consumption. To do so, it controls all the time the energy flow between the PV generation (if it exists), the batteries and the grid. Featuring an advanced battery management technology, it ensures the maximum life of the storage system, by controlling constantly the battery temperature using a three-wire PT100 sensor.

Integrated PV input

This battery inverter integrates a PV input in order to offer greater functionalities. This PV input reduces the cost of the installation, as it allows to have a battery inverter and a PV inverter in a single equipment.

Back-up generator

The ISS 1Play permits the connection of a back-up genset, should this be necessary. Furthermore, the inverter can be started-up using this generator, in order to charge the batteries when these are completely discharged.

Produtos que o compõem

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Single-phase battery inverter with two integrated photovoltaic inputs for residential and commercial use.

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