Ingeteam and Istem are to recover 30% of the braking energy generated in the Barcelona metro

Ingeteam and Istem are to install an advanced energy recovery system in the Barcelona Metro. Trains not only consume energy, but also produce it during braking. The technology developed by Ingeteam puts this train braking energy to good use, making it possible to recover between 10 to 30% of railway traction energy.

The system is to be installed in a traction substation of the Barcelona Metro, specifically in L9. In 2014 the Barcelona metro network served more than 415 million passengers.

This system that has already been installed in the Bilbao metro, in the metro of the German city of Bielefeld as well as in the suburban line in Malaga, whilst installation and commissioning work is also underway in the Brussels metro.

With regard to the Bilbao metro, particular mention should be made of the fact that 30% of the total energy recovered using this technology is intended for own consumption such as lighting, escalators, etc., whilst the remaining 70% is returned to the grid. Thanks to this technology, the metro returns to the grid the equivalent of the annual power consumed by 1,500 families.