Ingeteam develops an energy storage system to pivot offshore wind turbines

Ingeteam develops an energy storage system to pivot offshore wind turbines

  • Ingeteam has already supplied the first 15 units of this system that allows the nacelle to pivot on the tower when there is no connection to the grid.
  • This system, powered by renewable energy, replaces the diesel systems used to date.

Ingeteam has developed and supplied the first 15 units of its Yaw Backup System to an offshore project in the United Kingdom. The company began the development of this system in 2020 to offer the market a reliable and more efficient alternative to diesel systems responsible for pivoting the nacelle on the tower when there are strong wind conditions and the wind turbine is disconnected from the electrical grid for power outages caused by weather.

The system is made up of a frequency converter along with a stack of batteries that provide energy to the wind turbine so that it can withstand the extreme weather that usually occurs on the high seas, keeping the rotor aligned in the direction of the wind. The forces acting on the blades and the structure are thus minimized, avoiding possible breakdowns and significant damage to the wind turbine components.

It is a sustainable solution that guarantees an instant response in adverse weather conditions, to reduce the mechanical stresses of the wind turbine by directly feeding the Yaw Backup System, thus maintaining the safety of all its components and avoiding economic losses. In addition, the Yaw Backup System also provides an emergency electrical power source to support essential loads such as control and communications, among other systems.

These systems are also used in parks located in areas affected by typhoons and other adverse weather conditions. However, the increase in the size of offshore wind turbines means that they are increasingly sensitive to the loads supported and, in these situations, solutions such as the Yaw Backup System become essential.

Specifically, this project located in the United Kingdom has already received and installed the first units of this system developed by Ingeteam, making it a coherent project aligned with its mission of generating clean energy by avoiding mechanics powered by fossil fuels. The energy stored in the batteries that enable the movement of the nacelle comes from the wind turbine itself, which contributes to the sustainability of the projects and makes it 100% renewable.

The different phases of the project, which will be put into operation in the coming months, will use Ingeteam technology as it has already passed the initial testing phase.

For more details and to download the whitepaper, visit this landing page.