Ingeteam reaches 13 GW in India and Brazil in the wind energy industry

Ingeteam reaches 13 GW in India and Brazil in the wind energy industry

  • Ingeteam expanded its global presence in 2018, when it opened its production centre in India dedicated to the wind energy industry, and since 1999 it already had its wind power converter manufacturing plant in Brazil.
  • Its plants in Brazil and India provide the company with an additional 10,000 m2 and an annual production capacity of 6.7 GW for wind power converter and control systems.

Ingeteam continues its firm commitment to wind energy, in which it is a global technology leader. Combined with its customer orientation, in 2018 the company decided to bring its production capacity closer to the Asian continent to improve its value proposition in the Indian market, opening a production centre in Chennai, from which it produces its technology close to its final installation location.

From its production centres in Chennai (India) and Campinas (Brazil), it manufactures and distributes its wind converters and control systems for these markets, shortening delivery times, optimising its logistics and transportation costs, reducing its carbon footprint, boosting local employment and maintaining Ingeteam's quality standards, making it the leading independent global supplier to the wind energy industry. In addition to wind converters and control systems, these two production centres also allow it to provide faster and closer service to its customers in terms of repairs and spare parts management.

Thanks to its firm commitment to the diversification of its manufacturing activity, the company has supplied almost 13 GW of converters, control systems and wind generators for the Brazilian and Indian markets, all manufactured locally in the two countries or supplied from its other production centres.

According to the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE[1]), the country's total wind power capacity has reached 44 GW, with 2,275 MW installed in 2023 alone. Ingeteam closed last year contributing 8% of the installed capacity in India. 6% of all installed wind power in the country is currently equipped with Ingeteam technology.

India has ambitious targets for wind energy, aiming for 140 GW by 2030, 30 GW of which are to be offshore wind farms. The government's plan to auction 50 GW of renewable capacity annually over the next five years, with at least 10 GW of wind capacity, underlines its commitment.

2024 will be a pivotal year for India and Ingeteam’s dedication to a sustainable energy future is undeterred, promising to commit to significant growth in the years to come ", says Ana Goyén, Director of Ingeteam Wind Energy.

In December 2023, Brazil was already generating more than 28 GW of power from wind farms, according to the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy and New Technologies (ABEEólica[2]). In 2023, the total installed wind power capacity in the country grew by a further 4.05 GW, with Ingeteam's market share being 12%, and a cumulative market share of 35%.

Wind energy has seen exponential growth in Brazil. In the last three years, the country broke record after record for wind farm installations. Today, wind energy, together with solar energy, is seen as the fastest growing and viewed as a key element in the energy transition, both from a global perspective and from Brazil. Ingeteam will strive to continue to provide our customers with our cutting-edge technology," commented Goyén.

The company has been active in the wind energy industry for more than 27 years and has been committed to the internationalisation of its factories for 25 years to provide the best response to the demand for its power electronics and rotating machine technology throughout the world.

To meet the needs of its customers globally, the company has production centres on every continent. In addition to its facilities in Chennai (India) and Campinas (Brazil), it has production centres in Spain and Milwaukee (USA), where it manufactures and supplies wind power converters and generators, with an annual production capacity of over 21 GW.

Since it began operations, a total of 80 GW of wind turbines have been equipped with Ingeteam technology, making the company the world's number one independent solution provider to OEMs, utilities and asset owners in the wind energy sector.