Ingeteam adapts its string solar inverters to the new higher power PV panels

Ingeteam adapts its string solar inverters to the new higher power PV panels

Ingeteam has adapted its three-phase string inverter models according to the new photovoltaic panel technologies, which in recent times have been increasing their current and power levels.

Ingeteam's three-phase inverters INGECON SUN 20TL M, INGECON SUN 33TL M, INGECON SUN 100TL PRO and INGECON SUN 160TL PRO are already being manufactured with these new improvements, which allow them to withstand a higher input current to be able to use them with the new models of more powerful photovoltaic panels. This means savings in DC cabling in the entire photovoltaic plant, since as each inverter admits more current per string, the total number of strings required is reduced. This also leads to savings in construction work.

Thus, solar inverters between 20 and 33 kW with two Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) now support up to 12A for each PV connector. The INGECON SUN 100TL PRO solar inverter supports up to 15A per connector, while the INGECON SUN 160TL PRO inverter now supports a maximum current of 20A per photovoltaic connector. This inverter designed for large photovoltaic plants is suitable for solar panel models designed with both 182 mm and 210 mm wafers, which already exceed 600 W of power. For these types of plants, Ingeteam also offers the String Station, a turnkey LV-to-MV transformer station with 1500 Vdc string inverters.


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