Ingeteam develops equipment for the African energy sector

Ingeteam develops equipment for the African energy sector

Ingeteam has obtained an order for supplying equipment and commissioning three electrical substations located in southern Malawi, namely in Bangwe, Fundis Cross and Nikula. Nikula is home to the oldest hydropower plant in the country.

The state-owned company for the generation, transmission and distribution of Malawi’s electricity, ESCOM, has invested more than 5 million euros into building and remodelling electrical substations with the aim of improving the quality of the electrical supply. In this project, Ingeteam has manufactured the complete protection and control system for three electrical substations.

Malawi Electrical Substation

A month ago, Ingeteam received a personal visit from ESCOM at its premises in the Zamudio Technology Park to carry out Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) on the complete protection and control system, designed and manufactured by Ingeteam.

Currently, the equipment is already in Malawi where Ingeteam engineers will soon travel to commission the electrical substations. This project will significantly help improve the distribution grid in the country and will make it possible to improve the quality of life of people living in Malawi.

This supply consolidates the position of the company in terms of developing equipment for the African energy sector. Ingeteam has worked on similar projects for other companies on the African continent. Hence, the references in Malawi join the ones previously installed and fully operational in Morocco, South Africa, Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Guinea, Burkina Faso amongst others.

Ingeteam in South Africa

It is worth mentioning that Ingeteam has had a subsidiary in South Africa for 5 years, in Midrand near Johannesburg, with a surface area of 540 m2 and consisting of offices, a showroom and test benches.

During this time, it has become a reference in the country’s energy sector, both in terms of photovoltaic plants and wind farms. Furthermore, it operates in the electricity transmission and distribution and railway traction sectors and has supplied charging points for electric vehicles for public use.

For more information: Roberto Murga | PGA - Business Development Manager