Ingeteam and EnergyNest enter alliance for Engineering / Site Services

Innovation combined with strong track record as a lever for differentiation and growth

Having the right partner to deliver excellence in service offered to customers is a shared goal for EnergyNest and Ingeteam. Both companies have recently entered into a collaboration agreement, where Ingeteam adds to EnergyNest’s innovative edge in thermal energy storage with more than 75 years of industry experience. Ingeteam, a well-known engineering company active in the power generation and metal industry sectors, has a global track record of operating successfully in more than 20 countries across five continents. 

Ingeteam will contribute to EnergyNest’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solution during the detailed engineering phase. Furthermore, Ingeteam will provide crucial site advisory services during the construction phase of storage projects. The company’s proven design experience will strengthen EnergyNest technology, ensuring that each TES incorporates top-level design standards and best practices. The strategic partnership will also guarantee the highest quality control standards during the construction of TES facilities. 

About EnergyNest: EnergyNest is a Norwegian technology company. Founded in 2011, the company has developed a unique and patented design for a modular solid-state thermal energy storage (“TES”) systems and a solid-state storage medium (HEATCRETE®) that enables a very simple, efficient, and low-cost energy storage. The TES technology can be applied in various markets that require high temperature thermal energy storage for many hours or days. The EnergyNest technology was demonstrated at the Masdar Institute, United Arab Emirates.