Ingeteam energy recovery technology for Wien Transport system

Ingeteam has been selected by Wiener Linien metro operator to supply one energy recovery system which, will allow the company to lower its C02  emmissions and to cut its energy bill.

The system will be installed on the substation located near Hardeggasse station on U2 Line and will be transparent to the existing system. The energy recovered will be used by the operator internally.

In 2015, Wiener Linien ridership stood at 939 million passengers. On average, some 2.5 million passengers per day use the Wiener Linien network underground, bus and tram lines annually.

With the aim of reducing energy consumption in mind, the Ingeteam Ingeber technology was selected for its ability to recover between 10 to 30% of railway traction energy. 

After four years of investigation by the Ingeteam Traction Division and a three million Euro investment, the company has developed a system to convert this braking heat into electrical energy to be returned to the power grid. This system is ideal for sub-urban trains, trams and metros, given the fact that these are all required to make many stops, which is precisely when the Ingeber recovers the heat energy.Currently these systems have been installed in the Bilbao Metro, a further three in Bielefeld (Germany) and another in Malaga, for ADIF.

Recently, INGETEAM has won  a contract in Barcelona to install this technology.