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Ingeteam consolidates its technological offering for the green hydrogen sector in 2024

Ingeteam consolidates its technological offering for the green hydrogen sector in 2024

  • Ingeteam’s portfolio totals over 400 MW in the hydrogen sector, between awarded and completed projects, with very good prospects for the near future.
  • The Spanish technological company has manufactured a new rectifier for large-scale green hydrogen production plants since October, the INGECON H2 E-lyzer.
  • As an industry pioneer, it has supplied equipment to the world's leading electrolyser manufacturers for their initial projects.

Ingeteam strengthens its leadership in the renewable hydrogen sector. In addition to the projects already commissioned in the last year and a half, it has a portfolio of over 400 MW of awarded projects to be delivered in 2024. The projects are distributed all over the world, in destinations such as Australia, Canada, the United States, Germany, Spain and other European countries.

Ingeteam currently has rectifiers feeding different PEM and alkaline electrolysers in plants in Spain, Belgium and the United States, generating renewable hydrogen for different applications. Two more projects will be supplied in Spain and the United States in the first half of 2024.

A new milestone will be achieved this year, with the supply of a 160 MW electrolysis project, the largest that Ingeteam has embarked upon in the sector to date.

Renewable hydrogen currently enjoys good growth prospects, due to a very mature and stable hydrogen consumption market for different applications (refineries, fertiliser production, etc.), which have no decarbonisation alternatives other than using renewable hydrogen. In response to the growing demand, Ingeteam launched a new rectifier in October 2023, the INGECON H2 E-lyzer, aimed at large-scale green hydrogen production plants. The rectifier is based on IGBT technology and has the highest current density on the market. Its serial production takes place at the company's specialised power electronics factory in Northern Spain, enabling Ingeteam to achieve economies of scale and reduce the final costs of hydrogen projects.

Continuing with its ambitious product roadmap for the sector, Ingeteam is already working on the next generation of rectifiers, with improved performance and a design that has evolved in parallel with market needs (higher power density, high-quality current supply, power factor controllability, etc.).

To meet such demands, Ingeteam possesses the necessary knowledge, resources and human team, in addition to cutting-edge laboratories and state-of-the-art simulation tools to guarantee a power supply system that can meet the grid requirements of any country in the world, with the best energy performance. The power and control electronics required to power and manage electrolysers are becoming increasingly important in hydrogen production plants. Causing other players in the industry, in addition to electrolyser manufacturers, to attach increasing importance to how power is supplied in their projects.