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IBERDROLA has awarded INDAR, Ingeteam Group, the contract to modernize two Generating Units for the 132-MW Torrejón hydroelectric plant on the Tajo River

IBERDROLA has awarded INDAR, Ingeteam Group, the contract to modernize two Generating Units for the 132-MW Torrejón hydroelectric plant on the Tajo River

As part of the modernization, the plant will be converted to full power variable-speed operation.

For the Torrejón hydropower plant, INDAR’s Contract comprises 2x45-MVA Full Power Variable speed Vertical Motor-Generators, including 2 x INDARGRIDTM excitation systems with Rotor Monitoring.

For the same project INGETEAM is delivering the corresponding 2x50MVA – 6.6kV Full Power Converters through its dedicated Frequency Converter Business Unit.

By modernizing and converting these units to Full Power Variable Speed concept, INDAR is making an important contribution to a more flexible use of hydropower plants and to increase the stability of electrical power networks in Europe due to its high level of operating flexibility.

 Variable speed Units offer several advantages for both pumping and generating modes such as:

  • possibility of active power control in pumping mode,
  • efficiency increase in generating mode especially under partial load,
  •  wide range of operation,
  • additional Energy Generated/Stored compared to a conventional fixed speed alternative,
  • network stability improvement by reactive power control, even with all the groups stopped, the Full Power Converter can act as STATCOMproviding the necessary reactive power to the network. and
  • network stability improvement by instantaneous active power injection in the grid (flywheel effect).



  • more than 80 years providing High Value-Added solutions in rotating Electric machines and 10 GW experience in hydropower
  • more than 25 years and 60 GW of Grid Code Compliance in wind and solar industry
  • R&D Investment of 150M euros with more than 400 people involved in the last 5 years

IBERDROLA is one of the world’s biggest electricity utilities with a total installed generating capacity of 52,084 MW, in Spain (26,627 MW), Mexico (9,532 MW), the U.S. (8,361 MW), Brazil (4,079 MW), the UK (2,520 MW) and other European countries (965 MW). The company’s renewable technologies include offshore and onshore wind, hydroelectric power, solar photovoltaic and combined cycle.

The partnership between INDAR and IBERDROLA dates back several decades.

Indar is a leading company in the manufacture of rotating electric machinery, and submersible motor and pump sets, operating worldwide and with production facilities in the USA and Spain. The company offers solutions in energy generation (generators for wind, hydro, internal combustion, steam & gas), marine electric propulsion (motors & generators), industrial drives (motors), submersible water pumping (motor pump sets), e-Mobility (electric motors) and grid services (synchronous condensers). Indar has an installed global power capacity of 63 GW.

The company is part of the Ingeteam group, international technological Group specialized in electric power conversion. Its state of the art developments in power and control electronics (inverters, frequency converters, controllers and protections), rotative electric machines (Indar motors, generators and submersible motor&pumps sets), systems (electromechanical engineering and automation projects), and services (operation & maintenance services), enables it to provide the best solutions in different sectors, namely:  wind, solar PV, hydro and fossil fuel power generation; metal and mineral processing; mining; marine; rail traction; waters; e-vehicle charging and power grid automation, always achieving sustainable and efficient energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

The company operates throughout the world, and is permanently based in 24 countries, with a headcount of 4,000. R&D is the backbone of its business activity, in which 5% of its turnover is annually invested.