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New Ethernet module available in INGESYS IC2

New Ethernet module available in INGESYS IC2

The INGESYSTM IC2 process controller incorporates a new, optional 10/100Mbits Ethernet port alongside its LAN communication options.  

Until now, INGESYSTM IC2 had two internally-switched Ethernet ports with the same IP address, built in as the system’s base elements, which allowed you to connect to the bus or ring of different INGESYSTM IC2s.

Now, you have the option to incorporate a new, separate, additional Ethernet port with its own IP, in one of the slots reserved for communications in the INGESYSTM IC2 device.

As with the two existing ports, this new port can be with an RJ45 type connector (for applications in industry and energy sectors), or with an M12 type connector (for application in rolling-stock for railway sector). 

As far as the user is concerned it behaves in a similar manner to the other two switched ports, both in terms of communication tasks, with the same protocols (MODBUS TCP, Transparent, Ethernet IP, Profinet I/O, etc.), and in terms of system management tasks such as configuration, web access, FTP, diagnostics, etc.

This new port makes it possible to satisfy the needs of applications that require a double Ethernet with separate IPs, in order to be able to keep two LANs with separate communication between each other (communication with control desks and between devices at plant level) or redundant solutions in terms of communication.  

Leire de Olabarria | Automation Devices Sales Engineer


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