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Grid-tied converters will be a key factor in the future electrical grid

The number of services (frequency regulation, voltage regulation, LVRT, active power filter, etc.) and different operation scenarios where grid-tied converters are used is in constant increase. Due to this reason, a proper and accurate modeling of the converter control loops, the installed scenario and demanded services is critic in order to properly tune the converter and ensure grid stability.

In this open access paper, we propose an analytical discrete approach for modeling the converter control loops. Many converter services are considered for control loops analysis, such as positive and negative sequence P and Q control or active power filter. Some guidelines for tuning them and analyzing the impact of each parameter are also proposed. This work can be used in early stage design of the converter control, but can be also employed for the analysis and comparison of different control strategies and scenarios.

This work is a collaboration of Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa and Ingeteam S.A..

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