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Motor-Pump Set

INDAR offers submersible solutions for engineering water

Whenever there is flood risk, water at high depths, acoustic contamination, reduced space availability, restrictions for adapting the installation to existing equipment, urgency for readiness, requirements out of standards, necessity for large and powerful pump motor sets, maintenance free submersible solutions, equipment designed for the application and type of use, our clients count on the most reliable and competitive submersible solutions in the market.

Flow: Up to 8000 m3/h (2200 l/s)
Head: Up to 1000 m
Power: Up to 3000 kW
Voltage: Up to 13.8 kV
Poles: From 2 to 8 poles
Flow: Up to 8000 m3/h (2200 l/s)
Head: Up to 1000 m
Power: Up to 3000 kW
Voltage: Up to 13.8 kV
Poles: From 2 to 8 poles
Flow: Up to 21000 m3/h (2200 l/s)
Head: Up to 25 m
Power: Up to 1000 kW
Voltage: Up to 13.8 kV
Poles: From 4 to 14 poles
Flow: Up to 10000 m3/h (2800 l/s)
Head: Up to 100 m
Power: Up to 1200 kW
Voltage: Up to 13.8 kV
Poles: From 4 to 12 poles

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