• 8 GW of PV power installed worldwide

    8 GW of PV power installed worldwide

  • Photovoltaic energy

    Photovoltaic energy

Uma vasta gama de inversores, adaptados para qualquer tipo de sistema fotovoltaico. 

Inversores solares

Plug & Play PV inverters intended for the residential and industrial sectors and for larger, decentralised projects.
A family of rugged, high-efficiency, three-phase, TL inverters with Plug & Play technology.
UL1741-compliant three-phase inverters with a double MPPT system for commercial and utility-scale installations.
Three-phase TL string inverter for commercial, industrial and utility-scale applications.
Gama de inversores trifásicos, para uso interno, com potência nominal entre 375 e 1640 kW. Disponíveis em módulos externos, integrados de 375 até 4900 kW, e saída média tensão.
UL 1741 Compliant. A three-phase central PV inverter family, with rated powers of 1,640kVA at 1,500Vdc and 1,154kVA at 1000Vdc.

The complete turnkey solution, customized up to 4920 kW.
The complete turnkey solution, customized up to 2100 kWp.

Inversores de baterias

Single-phase battery inverter with an integrated photovoltaic input.
Battery inverters that allow to make the most os a PV plant, ensuring grid stability even on cloudy days.
UL9540 & UL1741 compliant. Ingeteam's three-phase battery central inverters.

As soluções de gestão de energia

The complete energy self-consumption solutions for domestic and industrial installations.
The best solution that allows for increased  self-consumption, by matching energy production and consumption.
PV plant control system to guarantee the quality and stability of the electric supply.
Integration of photovoltaics into diesel grids.

Acessórios e comunicações

Dispositivo para medir as correntes nos strings do gerador fotovoltaico e detectar falhas nas correntes.
Weather station for PV plants. Maximum control over the PV system parameters.
Variedade de opções para estabelecer a comunicação com os inversores fotovoltaicos a partir de um PC ou PLC.
Aplicações para monitoramento de sistemas fotovoltaicos no local ou remota.




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