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The correct drive with the suitable characteristics, in the adequate place In industrial processes drives, from a simple motor to a complete drive system, need to fully comply with the installation's requirements of power, torque, regulation dynamics, availability, communications and diagnosis capacity. 

Ingeteam has made considerable investments in R&D to be in a position to offer technologically advanced solutions that perfectly match the demands of automation and regulation processes for the industrial sector.

A perfect integration, even in existing plants, is not a problem for us. Combining technological know-how and integral engineering, Ingeteam Industry’s drive experts have the skills and know-how to solve even the most complicated drive tasks, that may occur in different areas of application.

We install the most advanced in-house drive technology or equivalent products available in the market.

Fixed-speed motors are controlled by manoeuvring equipment, fitted with the corresponding protections, configuration of MCCs (Motor Control Centres) of fixed, draw-out or compartmented construction. Variable speed motors are controlled by power semi-conductors, digitally controlled in terms of torque and speed. Different technologies are applied, depending on the characteristics of the motor:

DC Motor: thyristor converters .  AC Motor (squirrel cage): AC-LV frequency converters in PWM technology. AC Synchronous Motor: for the application of high torques and low speeds.  Cycle converter. AC squirrel cage Motors/AC synchronous motors: for the application of medium/high power and high speeds.  Medium-voltage frequency converters. High power equipment may be air- or water-cooled.

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