• Steel Plants

    Steel Plants

Electrical and automation systems for reheating furnaces

Our list of references for this type of installation covers all types of furnaces: Pusher Furnaces, Refractory Long-product Furnaces, Tubular Long-product Furnaces, Walking-beam Furnaces, Rotating-beam Furnaces, etc.

Within the framework of Heating Furnace control we have developed up to three different applications implemented in different control systems: PCs or PLCs, covering a furnace’s entire control and regulation range.

From level 0 instrumentation to 1.5 level optimization, through to level 1 Sequential and Technologic Control:

  • Sequential Control System - controls the Furnace kinematics, loading and downloading maneuvers and the control of auxiliaries, like hydraulics, lubrication, furnace cooling, etc. 
  • Technologic Control System – controls all that related to instrumentation and regulation of a furnace, like PID temperatures loops, air/fuel or air/gas cross-regulation, with precise control of air/fuel rate, recoverer control, etc.
  • Among the regulation loops and associated tasks that control this application are the following:
  • Regulation of temperature for each of the areas, adjustment of air/gas output, regulation of pressure in combustion air-, Furnace pressure regulation, protection of the combustion air recoverer;  by dilution of fumes or hot air  exhaust.  Control and regulation of a furnace’s cooling circuits: level, flow and temperature. Control of valves and combustion fans during operation.
  • Regulation of air and fuel flow with the cross-control system.  Up to two thermocouples are installed per area. With this it is possible to control the plausibility of the measurement and an automatic switching of feed back element, in case of breakdown.
  • Indication of total fuel consumptions – monitoring of process values and editing of historics (trending, logging).

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