Ingeteam offers a wide range of products and solutions with the latest technology for electrical distribution grids, within the context of developing smart grids. 

The products developed by Ingeteam in this area are designed to facilitate and control electrical services optimally, guaranteeing energy supply to end users in different urban or rural areas whilst helping to meet the varying demands that electrical companies require of small energy producers who need to connect themselves to the grid.

Overhead Applications

Protection and Control for reclosers

Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) for pole mounted switches / LBS

Ground-Mounted Applications / RMU

FTU for controlling switches on the distribution lines, RMU or LBS

Gateway and RTU for small installations

Feeder control and  multifunction protection relay

IEC 61850 Remote Input Output module

Air and Gas insulated Voltage sensors


Coll de la Garganta

La Fe-San Martín



Cabeço Preto


Dos Caminhos do Ferro

Ingeteam PGA References

Jasper PV Plant

PGA Catalogue

Secondary Grid Substation Solutions INGESAS GM

Distribution Automation Catalogue

Medium Voltage Solutions Catalogue

Recloser Control Solutions Catalogue

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