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Submersible pumps and motors to tackle flood issues

Submersible pumps and motors to tackle flood issues

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In the current climate context, floods are becoming more frequent. Our towns and cities and their inhabitants suffer the consequences of these unexpected and sometimes unpredictable events. 

Storm water tanks are designed, estimated the return period, to protect specific urban areas in specific dates of the year in order to derive the huge flow of water accumulated in a very limited time. 

In hydrology it is common to consider a flood zone as one that is covered by water in storms of up to five hundred years of return period. Due to the nature of those events, runoff water mixed with urban waters often carries solid materials that must be evacuated along with the floodwater.

These materials in suspension test the robustness of the pumping equipment in the storm water tanks. Over more than 50 years, IndarIngeteam company, has developed an extensive experience in the design and installation of submersible pump-motor sets, developing its H/HE dewatering pumps series, capable of providing a reliable and robust response to the requirements of pumping large volumes at low heads.

INDAR H / HE Series

Indar H / HE pump series are mono block design with an axial impeller or variable pitch propeller coupled to an Indar submersible motor. The axial propeller design ensures a wide and free passage of the pumping liquid and prevents clogging. An efficient cooling system is granted by using the pumping liquid, (flowing alongside the motor), allowing thus the unit to operate continuously, even under severe environmental conditions.

The electro pump sets for installation with H shroud (installed suspended from the discharge piping) are fitted with a cooling shroud which allows the circulation of the pumped water inside it. The cables placed outside the unit are protected, preventing those from coming into contact with the pumped water.

All in all, Indar storm water pump H / HE series is a safe, robust and flexible solution with a modular design, offering a wide range of flows, rates and discharge pressures.

Compact design and easy installation

Cables are protected from the flow and solids pimped. 

The shroud is part of the discharge pipe and the whole set is hanged (cooling conditions no longer depend on the installation, geometry etc.)

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