Covid-19 March 29th update:  letter from Adolfo Rebollo, Ingeteam Group´s CEO

Covid-19 March 29th update: letter from Adolfo Rebollo, Ingeteam Group´s CEO

The impact Covid-19 is having on our communities is tremendous. The tenacity and dedication of the sanitary and para-sanitary services keep me amazed every day. I would like to thank their endless effort and dedication.

For those of you with relatives, colleagues, or friends sick, we wish you a good recovery and we send you a message of hope.

As the Covid-19 situation deteriorated, strict lockdowns were implemented in different countries: Italy, Spain, USA, India, etc. As a response to it, we are running home office where we can, with these lockdowns affecting in some cases to our ability to produce equipment and to provide services. Ingeteam Group is doing everything possible to provide a safe working environment to our people, and to minimize the impact of these restrictions on our clients. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the team members for the huge effort done so far.

I want to send a positive message to our customers, suppliers and partners in general.  I have no doubt that once the society wins the battle against Covid-19, we will get back stronger. We won’t be able to make up for all the pain caused by Covid-19 at a personal and family level, but we will definitely do whatever it takes at business level to get all this behind us in record time. We will do it our way, with passion, with teamwork, shoulder to shoulder, as we always do, as we did when the big 2008 fire blew our Indar factory away and we got back stronger! We have the best resources and the best team to overcome this situation. We will be where and when you need us. Count on it!

It is time to stop the Covid-19 spread. H&S authorities are setting different standards in different countries. It is time for us to adapt, and to follow those new standards. We will continue working from home as much as we can, to help reduce the transmission of the virus. We will run just the allowed operations both in the field and in the shop floors, country by country, and will do so in a safe mode.

Please contact our staff in sourcing, sales, project management, or accounting, who are fully operational, to help you through any questions you may have.

Hold tight and keep it up! Each day we are one day closer to our final victory against the Covid-19!

We wish you all to stay healthy and safe.

Adolfo Rebollo
CEO Ingeteam Group


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