• Substation automation, protection and control

    Substation automation, protection and control

INGEPAC™ EF BF is the suitable solution for breaker failure protection for one or three-pole breakers, and also includes auto-recloser and synchronism check.

INGEPAC™ EF BF supports dual CT inputs to monitor both breakers individually, making it the best solution suitable for controlling multibreaker schemes, such us breaker and a half or ring applications.



  • Breaker failure with monopolar/tripolar trip
  • Recloser one/three poles and synchronism check
  • Current, voltage and frequency functions
  • Multibreaker configurations such us, breaker and a half or ring
  • IEC 61850 native platform
  • PRP, HSR and link failover redundancy
  • Automatisms, logics under IEC 61131-3 standard
  • Captures analog measurements using Sampled Values (SV) protocol, through IEC 61850-9-2 or IEC 61869-9 standards
  • Cybersecurity features: sFTP, HTTPs, firewall, audit log, password accessing
  • Slave protocol: IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, IEC 870-5-103, PROCOME


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