• Steel Plants

    Steel Plants

Electrical and automation systems for long product rolling mills

Hot Rolling of long products consists in making a certain type of material, billets in this case, pass through cylinders or rollers rotating at the same speed and reducing the cross section by exerting pressure on them. The ingot (billet) must be previously homogeneously heated at a certain temperature (rolling temperature) in a reheating furnace.

For this type of plant we provide integral, turnkey solutions, with the following scope of supply:

• Electrical equipment: in medium voltage switchgear, transformers, variable speed drives for alternating and direct current and corresponding motors, motor control centers, field sensors and actuators, control panels and control desks, etc.

• Basic Level 1 automation: including programmable automation units (PLCs), operation and monitoring (HMIs) SCADA systems, as well as process and production control computers, all in centralized or distributed topology, interconnected via field bus and local area networks (LAN).

• These systems execute mainly the following standard calculation functions:

- Main control desk, with management function mode and rolling speed calculation.
- Regulation cascade speed between stands.
- Minimum load control between stands.
- Loop regulation between stands
- Cut to length.
- Shear control for cropping and cutting processes 

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