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Ingeteam, active in the production of green hydrogen since 2006

Ingeteam, active in the production of green hydrogen since 2006

The first electrolyser to produce green hydrogen in Spain was developed over a decade ago. The prototype 50 kW stack electrolyser was put into operation in 2012 with a 200 kW plant. Testing, which was conducted at the National Hydrogen Centre in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, focused on validating the electrolyser technology and developing control algorithms to optimise the efficiency and life of the electrolyser. Ageing tests and monitoring continue to be conducted 24/7, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the National Hydrogen Centre.

Ingeteam's technology is present in the very first electrolyser in Spain, which still produces hydrogen to this day. That electrolyser was developed between 2006 and 2012 at the Sarriguren innovation park (Navarre), in a project developed jointly by Ingeteam and Acciona Energía.

Following project completion with the installation of the first 50 kW prototype at the National Hydrogen Centre, Ingeteam took time to reflect on what its value proposition in the green hydrogen sector should be, to ensure that its technology contributes to the decarbonisation of energy and to making hydrogen a truly clean energy vector.

During electrolysis, the process conducted by the electrolyser, water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen by the supply of electrons. The power and control electronics for the supply of electric current are therefore key to the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis. The technology used to supply electrons into the water has a major impact on the efficiency and lifetime of the electrolyser. On the other hand, electrical conversion technology ensures the proper integration of a green hydrogen production plant into the electricity grid.

Considering Ingeteam's extensive experience in power electronics for large renewable energy generation plants, at which the company already has 80 GW of grid-connected converters, and Ingeteam's presence and knowledge relating to more than ten electrical conversion applications, it is clear that Ingeteam's value proposition resides in its role as a strategic partner in power and control electronics technology for electrolyser manufacturers.

Given that power and control electronics are one of the key electrolyser subsystems, Ingeteam’s Green H2 mission is to contribute with its electrical conversion technology to make green hydrogen competitive, and to facilitate the integration of large hydrogen production plants in grids with a high penetration of renewable energies.

Harkaitz Ibaiondo, director of Ingeteam's green hydrogen business, stated that "at Ingeteam we are proud to have been pioneers, once again, in a technology that we developed and which is currently set to play a fundamental role in the decarbonisation of energy, such as the production of green hydrogen".

In this regard, the executive added that "our extensive experience in the field of power electronics applied to renewable energy generation places us in a very good position to face this new challenge. Which, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of electrolyser technology and the technical requirements for powering it, makes us a leading player in this field, with a unique value proposition in the market".

It is worth noting that Ingeteam is celebrating its 50th anniversary positioning itself as a key player in the energy transition.