INGECON H2 E-lyzer

The INGECON H2 E-lyzer converters have a maximum efficiency of up to 98.9%, with an IP65 protection degree for the compartment where the power and control electronics, the power stack, the phases, the IGBTs, the busbars and the DC and AC protections are installed. In addition, these converters have been designed to meet the grid connection requirements of the most demanding international standards, contributing to the quality and stability of the electrical system thanks to their advanced grid support features.

State-of-the-art power electronics

Thanks to the use of these converters and their low total harmonic distortion (<3%), there is no need of using additional harmonic filters or compensation units.

The maximum DC current density

The INGECON H2 E-lyzer converters feature the largest DC current density on the market, with up to 12,000 Adc of rated current. Thus, it is the best solution to feed the electrolysers with DC power from renewable energy generation plants.


E-lyzer converter datasheet

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