• Cumulative power 1,154 MW

    Cumulative power 1,154 MW

Solar Thermal Power Plant: electrical generation

Plants that generate energy by the concentration of solar power (CSP/Tower) from the heating of a thermal fluid by radiation, storage in molten salts and transformation into electricity using a Rankine steam cycle with a  turbine.

The most important parts to highlight in this type of plants are:

  • Solar Field: Reflective surface concentrate solar radiation along parabolic trough receiver tubes, heating heat transfer fluid, named HTF to desired temperature.
  • Thermal Energy Storage System: Excess of solar thermal energy not used by steam generation system, is stored in molten salts tanks. This system allows increasing autonomy and dispatching ability of the power plant.
  • Steam Generation System: Thermal power collected by solar field is used to generate steam superheated.
  • Steam Turbine - Generator: Steam expands in the turbine with the purpose to generate electricity.
  • Cooling System: Power plant has a cooling system that can be dry or wet as per availability of water resources and environmental conditions.
  • HTF Boiler: It is used to hybridize with fossil fuel plant and prevent freezing of the HTF.
  • Electrical Switchgear: It allows electrical generation evacuation.

The benefits derived from these plants are:

  • Local Content: CSP technology allows that a large part of the components and equipments are manufactured locally.
  • Dispatchability: Unlike other renewable energy technologies, CSP power plants with thermal energy storage ensure electrical generation predictable and manageable, independent of solar radiation and able to provide constant electrical generation (24/7).

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