• Cumulative power 1,154 MW

    Cumulative power 1,154 MW

Solar Thermal Plant: heat generation

Plants that generate energy by the concentration of solar power (CSP) from the heating of a thermal fluid by radiation and generation of hot water or steam for use in industrial installations.

The most important parts to highlight in this type of plants are:

  • Solar Field: Reflective surface concentrate solar radiation in the parabolic trough collector receiver tubes, heating heat transfer fluid, named HTF, to desired temperature.
  • Thermal Energy Storage: Solar thermal energy excess not used by thermal module is stored with the purpose to increase autonomy and integration with the existing thermal generation system.
  • Pump and Control Module: Host heat transfer fluid pumping equipment, control system and auxiliary systems.
  • Meteorological Station: It allows checking the correct operation for the solar thermal plant and verifies thermal generation guarantees.  

Rooftop Plant

Ground Plant


The benefits derived from these plants are:

  • Saving: CST technology allows conventional fuel saving and reduce dependence on supply, reducing operation costs.
  • Simple: Simple and fast assembly with low operation and maintenance cost.
  • Automated: Automated solution and integrated with boiler backup.
  • Renewable Solutions: Carbon footprint and CO2 emissions reduction.

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