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Ingeteam launches its new INGEPAC RIO platform of remote IEC61850 input and output modules

Ingeteam launches its new INGEPAC RIO platform of remote IEC61850 input and output modules

INGEPAC RIO is a remote digital input and output module for IEC61850 networks, whose communications are based on GOOSE. It is used for reducing and simplifying the input and output cabling of the elements to be controlled. INGEPAC RIO is installed close to signal capturing and is connected via Ethernet to the station or process bus.

Likewise, it is used for simply increasing the capturing capabilities of any IEC61850 IED (INGEPAC EF o any equipment that handles GOOSE messages).

The financial or technical advantages of replacing electrical wiring with optic fibre can be significant depending on the distances, the number of signals being handled and the number of IEDs to which these signals must arrive. The system has the advantage over electrical cabling of being able to detect connection losses since communication is constantly monitored. It also simplifies simultaneous access to signals in different IEDs.


Some examples of applications in which these advantages are clear include the following:

  • Signalling and control at substation bay level.
  • Substation transformer signal capturing.
  • Switchgear interblocking.
  • Auxiliary services signal capturing.

The equipment has 12 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs, 2 Ethernet communication ports in copper (RJ45) or optic fibre, and is designed to be mounted on DIN rails or at the back of the panel. Each RIO module can communicate with up to 8 bus terminal devices.

INGEPAC RIO does not require any configuration software and is programmed using two sets of microswitches which can be accessed from the front of the device and which define the MAC address, the behaviour of Flicker filtering in the digital inputs, and the functioning mode of the digital outputs (AND or OR of all the signals received).

Versions with separate Ethernet ports are possible or ports connected using internal communications switches so that equipment can be joined together in an open ring without the need for external switches. 



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