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Ingeteam starts manufacturing a brand new high-current rectifier for green hydrogen production

Ingeteam starts manufacturing a brand new high-current rectifier for green hydrogen production

  • Ingeteam has started manufacturing its new converter for large-scale green hydrogen production plants.
  • An assembly line has been set up at the company's factory in northern Spain.
  • The first projects equipped with the new INGECON H2 E-lyzer are expected to be commissioned in the coming months.
  • Ingeteam has accumulated 425 MW in the hydrogen business, including supplied and pipeline projects.

Ingeteam has just started manufacturing the first units of a new model of power converter, the INGECON H2 E-lyzer, for feeding electrolysers. An assembly line for this equipment has been established at the company's factory in northern Spain, from where the equipment will be shipped to sites where several green hydrogen production plants are under development in Germany and Spain.

With this specific solution for hydrogen, Ingeteam wants to respond to the growing market demand. The power electronics needed to power and control the electrolyzers are becoming an increasingly important part of the total cost of a hydrogen production plant. As plants grow in size and reach gigawatt power levels, it is necessary to develop economies of scale to manufacture cost- and time-optimized components and equipment. Ingeteam, thanks to a well-developed supply chain and a proven mass production line, will supply this new equipment to large electrolyzer plants, contributing to their viability and making hydrogen a competitive decarbonization solution.

The new INGECON H2 E-lyzer converter has a very high current density and is capable of supplying 6,000 amps of DC for electrolyser electrolysis use. Ingeteam has also developed a solution that integrates two such converters combined with the rest of the elements on the same platform or full skid, to facilitate direct connection to the medium voltage grid, thus obtaining 12,000 amps of output current. By integrating state-of-the-art IGBT technology, the new converter ensures a very high quality DC power supply and full power factor control, thus adapting to the needs of large-scale renewable hydrogen production.

The unit is water-cooled, therefore the compartment where most of the components are located has an IP65 degree of protection, and can be installed outdoors without the need for additional protection.

In the green hydrogen sector, Ingeteam has a portfolio of projects, some already delivered and others pending, which currently totals 425 MW. Projects that have or will be developed in the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and Australia.

On the occasion of World Hydrogen Day, Ingeteam reaffirms its commitment to the deployment and viability of hydrogen technology, advancing on its path to consolidate its position as a leader in clean energy generation.

According to the director of Ingeteam's Green H2 business unit, Harkaitz Ibaiondo, "Green hydrogen is in the initial stage, but with excellent prospects for growth in the medium and long term. We have robust and reliable technology and a committed and highly trained team, so we are very well-positioned in the market to help our customers bring their projects to fruition".