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Interview with Emilio Alacuart

Interview with Emilio Alacuart

QUESTION: Ingeteam Service currently has 425 MW of power in the wind energy industry, 270 MW in the UK photovoltaic industry and a market share of 2%. How have you managed to reach these figures in just 6 years?

ANSWER: We continue growing and opting for new projects. Reaching such significant figures in such a short time is the direct consequence of the work of a well-structured team whose competitive virtues are the spearhead of the industry. Furthermore, the Ingeteam Group’s accumulated experience supports us in developing large-scale O&M projects.

Q: The role of the operational team is always relevant in achieving a company’s milestones, whatever their capacity. What would you highlight about the staff at Ingeteam Service UK?

A: We now have a qualified team of more than 80 employees in the U.K. We are strengthening our technical department with expert personnel in different technologies in order to access new projects with new technologies, providing support and training to less qualified workers, supported at all times by Ingeteam’s international experience in O&M projects worldwide.

Q: For an international company, what are the benefits of working with a local and specialised team like yours?

A: Thanks to this high-level team, we offer high-quality Operation and Maintenance services. We are a reliable partner, with wide international experience and an alternative to OEM. We work aspiring to accelerate the maturation of the UK O&M market. These are the keys to our services:

  • Safety First: We prioritise safety in all projects, equipment and installations.
  • We are a world leader in the O&M market: Our ability to execute multi-technology services is our guarantee.
  • We provide O&M services in any power generation facility with more than 17 GW of maintained power worldwide.
  • As part of the Ingeteam group, we are a benchmark in the areas of Occupational Risk Prevention and Training.
  • Ready for your Challenges: We adapt our service proposal to the client requirements and the particulars of each project.
  • Thanks to our financial strength, we can develop project structures


“We are a reliable partner with wide international experience, and an alternative to OEM”

  • For Onshore and Offshore wind energy, technical excellence and the use of state-of-the-art technologies are the main features that differentiate us from the competition.
  • Ingeteam Service UK will provide support through O&M services at Whitelee Wind Farm to promote the transition towards sustainability in the territory

Q: Why would you say Ingeteam Service stands out in its O&M tasks in the UK Onshore wind power market?

A: Because we offer a comprehensive service, from BoP construction, turbine assembly, to the provision of O&M services. All this, to obtain the maximum performance of the Onshore equipment and installations. In addition, we have a business model differentiated by the ability to execute multi[1]technology services of multi-brand scope, which provides constant innovation throughout the value chain. In addition, when it comes to Onshore wind farms, we offer a wide range of specialised services such as commissioning, blade service, major corrective services, spare parts, retrofits and maintenance support...

Q: And in the Offshore market?

A: For Offshore wind farm projects, our offer also aims for technical excellence through the use of state-of-the-art predictive maintenance technologies. By means of Offshore O&M, we maximise the useful life of this type of wind farm. Since 2016, we have performed services such as troubleshooting, commissioning, rope access works, quality inspections and videoscopy, among others, exceeding 500 hours of maintenance.

Q: You highlight 4 key points in your photovoltaic O&M services: Operation, Maintenance, Spare Parts and Production Guarantee. Is it usual for your competitors to include the latter two?

A: Within the Full-Service modality it is usual to include these aforementioned points. Ingeteam is characterised by providing comprehensive O&M support to our clients at competitive prices. In addition, as a manufacturer of inverters for solar power plants, we guarantee critical spare part supply by offering stringent production guarantees.

Q: How would you define Ingeteam Service’s O&M services in the photovoltaic energy sector?

A: The photovoltaic sector is another important market where we provide O&M services. For projects of this type, we provide a service that we call Comprehensive Maintenance, which includes Operation, Spare Parts, Production Guarantee, and the Maintenance of the equipment itself.

Q: Do you know why your clients choose you?

A: We are a leading Independent Service Provider (ISP) and manufacturer of inverter and converter equipment for the wind and photovoltaic power industry. In the case of the wind power sector, we offer the same O&M services as the turbine manufacturers, and we are even able to improve the overall availability of the wind farms where we operate with the same or higher quality and at more competitive prices.

Q: What role will Ingeteam Service play in promoting and transitioning to renewable energy across the UK?

A: Ingeteam, the world’s leading O&M services company in the renewable energy sector, will play a key role in driving the energy transition in the UK, a country with very demanding greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030.


Q: Scotland is the world leader in developing wind farms such as Whitelee Wind Farm. Ingeteam will supply one of the world’s largest battery storage systems for the Whitelee Wind Farm, which is one of the largest in the world. What kind of system?

A: Whitelee is UK’s largest Onshore wind farm and will have a battery storage capacity of 50 million Watt-hours, equivalent to the average consumption of 150,000 homes/ hour. Ingeteam UK is currently involved in its commissioning, and we will be responsible for the operation and maintenance services during installation.

Q: What will Ingeteam Service’s role be in Scotland?

A: In meeting the UK’s stringent targets for emissions reductions, many conventional plants will be replaced with renewable energy plants. Ingeteam UK will be there to support our clients in this transition to a more sustainable world.