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Ingeteam is awarded 3 modular e-house substations in Portugal

Ingeteam is awarded 3 modular e-house substations in Portugal

Ingeteam has been awarded the supply of three modular turnkey substations for different projects in Portugal, enabling the evacuation of 79 MW of photovoltaic energy to the grid. This supply is part of Ingeteam's commitment to lead the energy transition to accelerate the decarbonization of the economy.

The scope of supply includes the electrical room/e-House with its HVAC and fire safety system, the protection, control and measurement cabinets, Ancillary Services cabinets, interconnection cabinets with the DSO (Distribution System Operator), where it is evacuated power, and the DC power system of all equipment.

The project includes all the services associated with the supply, including the interconnection protection, control and measurement solution in accordance with the criteria defined by the DSO as well as the communications of the system with the promoter Control Center and the DSO Operation Office.

Modular substations/e-House together with Ingeteam's flexibility to adapt to the protection, control and measurement needs at the interconnection point allow:

  • Simplify the management, coordination and time dedicated to the control of the project by having a single interlocutor during its execution
  • Greater efficiency in solution design and engineering times, especially in standardized solutions
  • Enable the execution of complete FAT tests, ensuring the reliability of the solution before its shipment to the field
  • Accelerate field work by requiring less time for its execution
  • Minimize the times, costs and requirements associated with the civil works of the project
  • Reduce the physical footprint / space required for the PAC solution in the substation